While it's common knowledge that the Baby Boomer generation has dominated the workforce for many years - only now are they finally getting eclipsed by Millennials - their old age has been weirdly disregarded.

This is a challenge, especially for HR departments, because it is estimated that around 10,000 Baby Boomers will exit the workforce every day for the 10 years at least, a meeting known as The Gold Tsunami.

The Impact on HR

From the no-brainer that HR must oversee the offboarding procedure for many of these retirees, adding an tremendous stress to organizations as new leaders are developed to displace them, but it's also very important to HR to comprehend how to properly relieve Baby Boomers in to the next stage of their lives.

Consider it. Baby Boomers have been in the workforce for about five years or longer. That's a long time to be working. It becomes part of who you are, how your day's structured, who you speak to. Suddenly retiring is a distress to the machin…